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Nellie Pederson Civic Library

Children Alone in the Library

Parental and staff guidelines for unaccompanied children.

Guidelines for Parents and Staff

Nellie Pederson Civic Library welcomes children. Library staff members are trained to help children with library materials and services.  The library provides a variety of services to children from preschool age through teens.  We offer story hours, homework help via the Internet, suggestions for books to read, and the like.  Additionally, special events are held throughout the year for both children and their families to encourage the use of library resources by area youth.

We want to provide a safe and appropriate environment for all library users. However, our library is a public building. The library does not have facilities or staffing to provide childcare and childcare is not the library's role.  Parents and caregivers are responsible for the safety, comfort and behavior of their children while in the library. Please make sure your child comes to the library with a responsible person.

Library staff members will evaluate the following situations and try to contact the child's parent or guardian.  If staff cannot reach the parent or guardian, they will place the child in the care of the appropriate local law enforcement agency.

  • Any child under the age of ten is alone in the library.
  • A child is alone and frightened or crying in the library.
  • A child is alone and doing something dangerous, or another person in the library seems to be a danger to the child.
  • A child is alone and is not following library rules.
  • No caregiver comes to pick a child up at closing time.
  • A child is left in the care of other children who are unable or unwilling to provide adequate care.

The library is not responsible for any consequences of parents forfeiting their responsibilities.